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Welcome to the Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood.

Our organization is dedicated to the valiant members of all service branches who served in this theater before, during and after the Vietnam War. Your service and sacrifice made more of a difference than you will ever know.

** 2014 Membership Renewals **
Please note that renewals use the same form as initial membership

Why the money goes where it does from our Assistance Funds!

 (This is a good read from our President, John Sweet.)


As you browse these pages please consider joining our brotherhood. We have many missions yet remaining and your assistance is sorely needed. Our contributions to fellow brothers and sisters, those we left behind in the countries we served and to our own nation truly make an impact.

We also invite you to browse our forum. You will likely spot a few old friends among the many photos posted there. Once you join you will be invited to post your own thoughts and photos.

The TLC Brotherhood, Inc., is recognized as tax exempt under section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations tendered in support of any or all of the objectives of the TLC Brotherhood are tax deductible to the extent that they exceed the value of any consideration (such as logo items) received from the Brotherhood.

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